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Web sites for the rest of us

ASP, XML, GIF, CSS, DHTML, SSI, JavaScript, etc. The world of Web design is forever growing, and getting more complex.

As a result, web sites are getting more powerful and impressive, but at a cost. Complex designs can be harder to navigate. Large graphics or animations take forever to load. And maintaining such sites requires teams of highly skilled professionals. Only the largest organizations need, or can afford, such state-of-the-art technology.

That's why I design simpler web sites – sites for the rest of us. Design principles include:

  • keeping it simple and easy to maintain.
  • minimizing loading time – not everyone has high-speed access.
  • focusing on content.
  • making the site attractive while ensuring it's easy to read.
  • keeping designs compact – suitable for laptops and older monitors (and for the human eye).
Services include:
  • site design and creation,
  • writing & editing site contents (text and graphics),
  • registering domain name and setting up hosting (if required),
  • support and updates (for a period of time to be negotiated individually),
  • assisting customer in learning to update the pages.
Satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Sample sites:



"I'm very proud of my web site. It looks just as I visualized it. Rheal guided me through it step by step, and I benefited from his excellent eye for detail and color. Now he has handed the reins over to me to allow me to update it as needed, along with the instructions on just how to do this. Thank you, Rheal."
Florence Cardinal


Internet Writing Workshop

"I am very much impressed by the new Web pages. Everything seems clear and concise, and the pages are pleasing to the eye."
Carter Jefferson, IWW member

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